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All these links cover the serious dangers of the COVID vaccine which is not reported in the Mainstream Media.

Dr Judy Mikovits exposes the dangers of the COVID vaccine HERE

World renown accademic physicision blows the lid off COVID vaccine HERE

Project Veritas blows lid on Facebook’s global censorship of “vaccine hesitancy” HERE

FDA Document Reveals 86% of Children Who Participated in Pfizer COVID Vaccine Trial Experienced Adverse Reactions HERE

39-Year-Old British Fashion Model Dies After Getting COVID-19 Shot in Cyprus HERE

ITALY: It’s Civil War! — Government declares Vaxx obligatory for all. Those who refuse, will be DENIED all medical assistance, in all hospitals and clinics, public and private HERE

CDC: Covid vaccine official death toll reaches 4,647, setting new 22-year VAERS record HERE

Independent media outlets were RIGHT all along, as “mainstream” media suddenly admits to lab origins of covid-19 HERE

Everyone vaccinated for covid will DIE, warns French virologist HERE


UK Doctor's Receptionist On Shocking Amount of Covid-19 Vax Deaths and Adverse Events HERE

Fauci flip-flops, now says covid may have come from a Wuhan lab after all HERE

CDC alters PCR testing guidelines to artificially boost vaccine “efficacy” and blame unvaccinated for “outbreaks” HERE

Bill and Melinda Gates: a dark history of exploiting poor children as human “guinea pigs” for mass medical experimentation HERE


COVID Cult Leader Hancock Continues Lying to the Public HERE

Other links

Facebook deletes 120,000-member group where people posted stories of alleged adverse vaccine reactions. Here

18 Reasons Why I Wont Be Getting a COVID Vaccine. Here

3,964 DEAD 162,610 INJURIES: European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 “Vaccines” Here

Professionals supporting medical choice and informed consent Here

Official UK Government COVID vaccine adverse effects Here

Popular President John Magafuli of Tanania, who was a trained chemist, dies at 61. He was an outspoken anti-Bill Gates, anti-WHO, anti-vaccine, anti-lockdown, anti-mask and very anti-COVID-19. Here

View COVID vaccination data on Seizures, Shaking/Passing out, Numbness/Paralysis, Miscarriage, Heart issues and more Here

The Pandemic portal Here

Several European countries halt use of AstraZeneca vaccine. Here

The mass murdering of humans is now in progress COVID-19 RNA based vaccines and the risk of Prion Disease. Here

80% of the nuns in this Kentucky convent got COVID 2 days after vaccine Here

Doctors in Italy, Ireland and Germany, while categorically rejecting the unwarranted smear of "anti-vaxxers," are also refusing the take the jab for a variety of scientific reasons. Here

5 ways they’re trying to trick you into taking the Covid “vaccine” Here

EXCLUSIVE: NHS in London asked to plan for 'possible COVID surge later in 2021'. HOW DO THEY KNOW THIS? WHAT DO THEY KNOW THAT WE DON'T? Here

NHS and care home staff in their hundreds have formed a group opposed to vaccinations, wearing masks and testing in hospitals. Here - Ignore 'Moderna' misinformation vaccine animation video as Moderna are part of the problem.

The 'Lancet's' long-overdue verdict and its call for "another approach" to testing for SARS-CoV-2 come months after distinguished virologists and epidemiologists repeatedly voiced concerns that the PCR tests were "fatally flawed." Here

Investigation: MP’s and SAGE heavily invested In vaccine industry Here

Head of MODERNA is trying to play God! He says they can now hack the software of life and rewrite our genetic code. This what they have done with the COVID vaccine. Here

MEDICAL SHOCKER: Scientists at Sloan Kettering discover mRNA inactivates tumour-suppressing proteins, meaning it can promote cancer. Here

Imperial College Folly: Neil Ferguson Has no qualification in the Biological Sciences and yet he advised the Government! Here

SHOCKING Videos of Forced COVID Vaccinations in German Nursing Homes Are PAINFUL to Watch – Attorney: ‘We’re Dealing With Homicide, Maybe Even Murder’ Here

Care home COVID deaths have increased by 240% since vaccinations began. Here

Bill Gates opted out of the vaccine program for his own children but wants it mandatory for yours! Here

Israel: Data from Israel confirms very high short-term effectiveness of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine. Here

On the other hand, according to adverse events reporting systems in the US, the UK and the EU, there are now over 2,000 confirmed post-vaccination deaths. Here

Israel’s main problem was that its vaccination campaign ran in parallel to its largest covid wave, producing many infections in partially vaccinated people, which could increase the risk of vaccine-escaping virus strains. Here

Australia and New Zealand: After local outbreaks, Auckland and Melbourne are once again under lockdown. Here

USA: Drug overdoses increased by 45% in 2020, according to the CDC. Here

A report with 930 hospitalized COVID patients found that high-dose vitamin D (calcifediol) reduced ICU admissions by 80% and mortality by 60%. Here

A large Indian prospective study with 3,500 health care workers found that just two doses of Ivermectin reduced the risk of infection over a one month period by 83%. Here

This confirms the results of an earlier Argentinian report which found that a weekly dose of ivermectin reduced the risk of covid infection by 100% in 1200 health care workers. Here

An Israeli placebo-controlled, double-blinded randomized trial led by professor Eli Schwartz found a highly significant effect on viral clearance in 94 mostly young patients. See video Here

46 residents in Spanish nursing home die after receiving COVID-19 vaccine. Here

South Africa suspends Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine rollout after researchers report 'minimal' protection against variant. Here

185 Pages of COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths & Side Effects (Deleted by BigTech). The embedded video automatically slowly scrolls through the pages. Here

Halfway through this winter of COVID, overall mortality is around normal for this time of year. Something doesn’t add up! Here

COVID-19 mRNA shots are legally not vaccines — they’re experimental gene therapies. Here

The coming genocide of adverse COVID vaccine reactions and who to blame for it. Here

This website highlights - Vaccine Passports - COVID19 Psychological Coup - Deaths due to vaccine and much more. Here

Warning – COVID-19 Vaccine Mirrors Breast Cancer Symptom, Doctors Say. Here

181 Dead so far from US COVID vaccine. Here

53 Dead in Gibraltar in 10 days after experimental Pfizer mRNA COVID injections started. Here

A NewYork nursing home had zero COVID-19 deaths. Then it vaccinates residents for Coronavirus and 24 die! Here

Bill Gates admits Covid-19 vaccine changes DNA Here

Very Healthy 56-Year-Old” Miami Obstetrician Dies after Being Injected with the Experimental Pfizer COVID Vaccine Here

Health authorities on alert after nurse dies following vaccination with Pfizer’s Covid-19 shot in Portugal. Here

The mRNA vaccine platform is described by Moderna as an “operating system” being installed in your body, upon which “software” in the form of mRNA is deployed and updated to produce “applications” which are proteins. Here

This is all described on Moderna’s own web site. Here

Woman arrested in connection with video filmed at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. Here

Watch the video she made under Here

Warmonger ‘Dr’ Tony Blair, turned vaccination guru and health passport promoter. Here

Is the Tennessee Nurse Who Passed Out on Live Camera After the COVID Vaccine Still AliveHere See video for more information under ‘Vaccines’

Why does the WHO now admit that the PCR COVID Tests are Not Accurate? Here

Lawsuit filed against Merck for lying to doctors & moms about the HPV Gardasil vaccine. Here

A new report by the Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) has lambasted social media companies for allowing the anti-vaccine movement to remain on their platforms. Here

The Labour Party is calling for financial and criminal penalties for social media firms that do not remove false scare stories about vaccines. Here

“The Chinese biological laboratory in Wuhan is owned by Glaxo,  who own Pfizer (the one that produces the vaccine!), who by chance is managed by Black Rock finances,  who, by chance manages the finances of the Open Foundation Company ([George] SOROS FOUNDATION)!” Hmm…well isn’t that a kick in the crotch! Here

French professor abducted, thrown in psychiatric ward for questioning COVID-19 vaccines. Here

Pfizer to assess report about ‘potential serious allergic reaction’ to Covid-19 vaccine after Alaska health worker is hospitalized. Here

Majority of Southern California nurses refusing the COVID vaccine. Here

Here is an example of Youtube pulling a video through censorship.

Gates is so worried about the danger of adverse events that he says vaccines shouldn’t be distributed until governments agree to indemnity against lawsuits.’
Check out the link to read other quotes from Anthony Fauci, in an unguarded moment, as well as from others. Here

Brandy Vaughn of ‘Learn The Risk’ Found DeadHere Also See her video under ‘Vaccines’

Girls vaccinated with the DTP vaccine—the flagship of Bill Gates’s GAVI/WHO African vaccine program—died at 10 times the rate of unvaccinated kids. Here

Bill Gates — Most dangerous philanthropist in modern history? Here

Here’s why Bill Gates wants indemnity… Are you willing to take the riskHere

Henry Kissinger & Bill Gates call for mass vaccination & global governance Here

The UK is enlisting an ‘Elite army unit’ to monitor vaccine “Disinformation” here.

Vaccine death wave: UK government posts bid for AI system to process the expected flood of COVID-19 vaccine injuries and side effects described as a direct threat to patient life. here

The CDC has admitted that between 1955–1963 over 98 million Americans received one or more doses of a polio shot which was contaminated with a cancer-causing virus called Simian vacuolating virus 40 (SV40). The CDC quickly took down the page, along with Google, but the site was luckily cached and saved to symbolize this grand admission. here

Bombshell: Rothschilds patented Covid-19 biometric tests in 2015. And 2017. here

CNN: ‘Don’t Be Alarmed’ if people start dying after taking the vaccine here

Joe Biden: “How I Learned to Love the New World Order” Here

At last, the first study has emerged regarding the very clear relationship between “coronavirus” outbreaks and the presence of 5G networks. Thanks to Claire Edwards for making this available in English. Here

26,000 Scientists Oppose 5G Roll Out Here

5G microwave radiation causes pneumonia symptoms here

Public Health England admits it cannot scientifically prove that COVID19 is contagious. Here

Rothschilds Patented Covid-19 Biometric Tests in 2015 and 2017. Here

Fury at "Do Not Resuscitate” Notices Given to Covid Patients with Learning Disabilities in UK. Here

Folks everywhere are waking up to the business-destroying COVID scam. Here

A simulation, called 'Cygnus' took place over three days in October 2016 and asked participants to imagine they were fighting a fictitious “worst-case-scenario” flu pandemic affecting up to 50% of the population and causing up to 400,000 excess deaths. Is this a fantastic coincidence? Here

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said last month that the World Bank and IMF offered him a bribe of $940 million USD in the form of “Covid Relief Aid.” In exchange the World Bank and IMF demanded that the President:
Imposed extreme lockdown on his people.
Force them to wear face masks.
Impose very strict curfews.
Impose a police state.
Crash the economy.

Ontario top health officials caught on hot mic prior to COVID briefing: ‘I just say whatever they write down for me’ Here

The UK Government stated: ‘As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK.’ Scroll down to Status of COVID-19 Here

The British government’s offensive against its own people ran into deeper trouble today as its credibility continued to evaporateHere

Accomplished pharma professor thrown in psychiatric hospital after questioning official COVID narrative. Here

UK Government (finally) admits Covid statistics are inaccurate. The Health Secretary has apparently just realised something that’s been obvious to many of us for months. Here

German physicians and scientists for Health, Freedom and Democracy call for completely abolishing corona measures; German official leaks report denouncing corona as a ‘Global False Alarm’ Here

Debunking the COVID-19 narrative with Prof. Dolores Cahill. Professor Cahill an experienced biological scientist with over 25 years expertise in high-throughput protein array, antibody array, and proteomics technology development. Dr. Cahill dismantles many of the popular assumptions about Coronavirus repeated by politicians and public health officials. Here

UK Government officials seem desperate to cling to the crisis, and impose new restrictions every week which are only really effective at one thing: hampering business and trade. Here

Renowned forensic Doctor destroys media ‘Killer Virus’ lies: ‘Nobody has died of Covid-19 in Hamburg without previous iIllnesses’ Here

This is the full version of the press conference, called by doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, to release the results of their COVID-19 testing program. YouTube took the video down, without explanation. Here

White House Press Corps caught on hot mic “Take off the masks…it’s a hoax!” Here

The ‘case’ scam revealed in official NHS document – ‘test’ is being massively amplified to systematically secure false positives to justify still more control here

The FDA-approved drug Ivermectin inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV-2 but nobody talks about it here

Rich people and journalists made exempt from having to enter COVID quarantine here

Landmark legal ruling finds that Covid tests are not fit for purpose. So what do the MSM do? They ignore it here

COVID 19, and the subsequent governmental responses, appear to be part of an international conspiracy to commit fraud. here

Politicians and governments are suppressing science. They do so in the public interest, they say, to accelerate availability of diagnostics and treatments. They do so to support innovation, to bring products to market at unprecedented speed. Both of these reasons are partly plausible; the greatest deceptions are founded in a grain of truth. here

The government is paying individual private sector consultants million-pound wages to work on its test and trace system, according to documents seen by Sky News. here

British Army to begin testing children without Parental Consent Liverpool school will also be “barcoding” individuals, and “securing” them should they test positive here

10-experts-questioning-the-coronavirus-panic here

Last month Dr Martin Feeley was forced to resign from his Health Board position after publicly stating that the virus was not dangerous and lockdown policies were doing more harm than good. here

PCR test inventor: “It doesn’t tell you that you are sick” The MSM have been going all out trying to pretend this never happened, turns out it did here

Austrian representative performed the Corona test on a glass of CocaCola live in Austrian Parliament - Coke tested positive for Corona! You can’t make this up here

‘It’s a police state!’ Australia’s crackdown on freedoms during COVID similar to 1960s Berlin Here

Pfizer given protection from legal action by UK government here
The shocking reason why Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine requires storage at -70C … because it contains experimental nanotech components that have never been used in vaccines before here

The European CDC has updated its face mask policy recommendations. The ECDC acknowledges that after more than one year since the beginning of the pandemic, there is still no significant evidence supporting the effectiveness of medical and non-medical face masks in the community. Furthermore, the ECDC advises against the use of FFP2/N95 respirators by the general public. However, based on the ‘precautionary principle’, the ECDC does recommend the use of face masks in some situations and for some people. Here

The insanity of wearing multiple masks - not even doctors do this in operating theatres. Here

More COVID Censorship: Controversial Danish mask study hits publication blockade here

From a Canadian whistle-blower. Here Projected COVID-19 mutation and/or co-infection with secondary virus (referred to as COVID-21) leading to a third wave with much higher mortality rate and higher rate of infection. Expected by February 2021.

The 2020 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying civil ssociety, engineered economic depression, global coup d’etat and the “Great Reset” Here