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People do have a choice, they can either accept the nihilism of a dystopian future full of hopelessness or put their faith in the Christian God. The Bible predicted all that is happening today and that it is only a matter of a few years when God’s son Jesus will return and destroy all those evil people who set-up this evil world leaving those who are left to run a perfect world with Jesus forever. All that is necessary for people to do is to accept Jesus as their ‘Saviour’ and repent of their old ways and change the way they have been conducting their old lives.

A verse can be found in the Bible that appears to refer to the Vaccine Passport and also the micro chip placed under the skin of the back of the hand.

Revelation 13:17
‘Thus no one was allowed to buy or sell things unless he bore the mark of the beast – that is, his name or his number.’

People who scoff at this idea only have one choice – slavery. If there is no return of Jesus then those who die believing it will die with hope in their hearts but never knowing they were wrong. However if there is a return of Jesus, then the believers win and the non-believers lose badly! Its a kind of spiritual ‘Russian Roulette’.

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