The Future Outlook

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The Future Outlook

It can be seen from this website that all is not well with the world. What is happening today is worse than anything that has happened in the past including two world wars.
The world will never get back to the ‘normal’ it once knew. Through the machinations of ‘United Nations’, the ‘World Health Organization’ and the ‘World Economic Forum’ plans already prepared are now being put in place to create a dystopian ‘New World Order’.

The world will be run by an elite made-up of wealthy leaders and corporate businesses. They will achieve this by using a flu ‘pandemic’ designed to frighten people into compliance with lies and restrictive regulations. This will cause a massive breakdown in the economy and the fabric of society. They will use the social media and the MSM to reinforce their agenda and silence all criticism through censorship and intimidation.

The world population will be forced to get vaccinated against a relatively harmless flue virus called COVID-19. The vaccine is not a true vaccine but a ‘therapeutic device’ designed to change the DNA in all our cells. This will be done by inserting mRNA material into key parts of our DNA. As well as this the vaccine contains material made using nanotechnology. This will enable them to monitor every aspect of our lives including our health.

We will be told that this will be good for us as it will keep us safe from contracting serious illnesses. This will mean giving up a lot of our freedom in order to have more security. When you give up freedom in exchange for security you finish up with neither!

This what we can expect.
1   The World Economic Forum tells us that eventually we will own nothing and be happy about it.
2   Anything we wish to use will be rented. There will be no more private ownership.
3   The police and the military will be used to enforce all regulations.
4   The ‘Thought Police’ will monitor how and what we think as we communicate with each other.
5   Vaccinations will be forced on everyone under pressure from corporate business i.e. no vaccine means no buying or selling.
6   Vaccine passports to be issued for accessing all the normal necessities of life including travel.
7   Those resisting vaccination will be considered a health danger to others and removed to ‘Isolation’ units/camps or simply disappear!
8   The state will handle how the elderly will be treated as they will be considered ‘surplus to requirements’.
9   Parents will no longer be free to bring-up their children as they see fit. Effectively they will become state property.
10 Society will become cashless using crypto currency as has happened in China.
11 Robots and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ will take over industry.
12 People will be retrained to do more manual tasks.

The future will be dystopian, one of slavery and hopelessness and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. There may be small demonstrations, uprisings and rebellions but they will not succeed without ‘HELP’. The most accurate description ever made about the future was by the author George Orwell in his book ‘1984’.
Hollywood has been warning us for decades by making dystopian films like Metropolis, The Matrix, The Omega Man, 28 Days Later etc.

There is nothing anyone can do to stop it however there is a solution which is last on this list.

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