Government influencing behavioural changes

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The Cabinet Office commissioned the Institute for Government to produce a report, exploring the application of behavioural theory to public policy for senior public sector leaders and policy-makers and showing how government can build behavioural theory into its current policy-making practices.

Here is a quote from the Page 18.

We outline nine robust influences on human behaviour and change. These principles are underpinned by considerable research from the fields of social psychology and behavioural economics. They are therefore presented as the most robust effects that policy-makers should understand and, if appropriate, use. The following sections briefly explain these effects, which we have arranged according to the acronym: MINDSPACE.

Going with the grain: influencing behaviour through public policy

Below is a screen shot from this link Here Fast Forward to 10:23 for an appraisal of this document.

The full pdf document can be found Here.

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